Things Narcissistic Mothers Say

Self-centered mothers who are narcissistic, meaning they think they are very important, often use words to control and manipulate. This can be really bad for their kids. They say things that make their children feel like their feelings don’t matter, ignore their emotions, and use them to make themselves feel better. They can be very mean, blaming their kids, talking about their own achievements all the time, and making their kids compete with each other.

For kids, it’s really confusing and makes them feel stuck. Things narcissistic mothers say mess up a child’s self-esteem, who they are, and how they make friends. It’s important for people who go through this to see these patterns and get help to deal with the emotional pain. Healing involves understanding, getting support, and getting away from the harmful effects of a narcissistic mother’s words.

Unveiling the Things Narcissistic Mothers Say

Learn to recognize and deal with 15 things narcissistic mothers say to overcome the unease created by constant criticism.

“I Win” Mentality

Moms who act like they always have to win might make it seem like taking care of their kids is really hard for them. They focus on how much they give up and ignore what their kids need or feel. This shows that they care more about themselves in relationships and always want to be praised and admired.

Emotional Blackmail

A mom who is very selfish might try to get close to their kids by means of deceit tactics. Other things narcissistic mothers say is “I’m having a party that I want you to cook for it.” Incidents like this reveal that they also simply want to be able to use their children and make them feel guilty when they don’t get their way. The moms commonly use emotional tricks such as making them feel guilty or playing mind games to continue holding the charge over their children, by always playing with their emotions.

Lack of Empathy

While discussing, narcissistic mothers don’t seem interested and don’t show much empathy. Some more things narcissistic mothers say“ I’m sick all the time because you drive me crazy” or even more bluntly say “ Nobody appreciates my efforts let alone this family”. These statements demonstrate that parents do not understand and respect kids feelings, picking their own emotions over kids feelings. This ignorance is a typical case that all narcissistic moms have and it can really spoil children psychologically.


Most common things narcissistic mothers say like “I’m the boss, and you better recognize it!” or “I’m the amazing woman everyone looks up to – a judge, lawyer, doctor, or teacher.” These statements show that they think very highly of themselves and always want people to notice and praise them. These things narcissistic mothers say can really affect how their kids grow up emotionally.

Manipulative Control

Women who would not take ‘no’ for an answer may say something like “ I’m the boss, and you have to listen” or “you have to listen because I know what is good for you.” They might even tell their kids, “If you loved me, you would do what I want;” that is, to make the kids do everything but make them feel guilty. Such a kind of behavior is characteristic of things narcissistic mothers say and influences entirely the way how children realize themselves.

Conditional Love

Narcissistic Mothers

Some moms who are very self-centered show love only when their kids do what they want. They could say stuff like, “I’m throwing a party, and you have to do the cooking” or “If you don’t give me a ride from the airport, I can’t go on my vacation.” They could also say, “Won’t you help me pay my bills? You’re going to let me be homeless?” or “I could have been rich if I didn’t have to take care of you kids.” These words and things narcissistic mothers say make their kids feel guilty and manipulated, affecting how they feel inside.


Some moms who are narcissistic use a tricky technique called gaslighting to confuse and control their kids. For instance:

– “Are you really going to eat all of that?”

– “The dress you’re wearing doesn’t look good”

– “The dinner is too salty.”

– “The paint job on your house is awful.”

– “Having a bad hair day?”

These comments are meant to make the child question what’s real and make the mom’s actions seem less important. Gaslighting and manipulative things narcissistic mothers say to keep control and mess with their kids’ feelings.


Some moms who are narcissistic say mean things to make their kids feel small and unimportant. They might say things like, “I could have had a great job if it wasn’t for you” or “You’re not good enough for that.” These words are meant to make the child question their abilities and feel less important than their mom.

Drama Creation

Moms who are narcissistic cause problems by saying things like “My daughter won’t let me see my grandkids!” or “I got a new dress, and my son said I look awful.” They want people to feel sorry for them and see them as victims, making things tough and tricky for their kids emotionally.

Insults and Criticism

Things narcissistic mothers say are mean words to control their kids and make them feel bad about themselves. They might say things like “You’re never good enough,” “You won’t achieve anything,” or “You’re too weak and sensitive.” These words are meant to make the child feel not good and depend on the mom. It creates a bad environment where the child always feels not worth much. Going through this kind of mean talk can really hurt and stay with a person for a long time, affecting how they see themselves and how they feel.

Envy and Sabotage

Moms who are narcissistic might say things like “I’ll make sure you become just like me” or “I’m the only one who knows how to do things correctly.” These words show that they want to make their kids feel less confident and stop them from doing better than what the mom thinks she has achieved. Envy and sabotage are ways these moms use to stay in charge and play with their kids’ feelings.

Financial Exploitation

Some moms who care a lot about themselves might use money to boss around their kids. They might say stuff like, “I don’t think the money I gave is being used the right way”. It’s pretty common for moms who only think about themselves to use money to control and mess with their kids’ feelings.


The things narcissistic mothers say might put their kids in boxes by saying things like “You’re just like your dad, a letdown!” or “You’re so much like me, I’m proud!” These words show they want to label their kids according to their own ideas and control their lives. Putting kids in boxes is a usual trick narcissistic moms use to stay in charge and play with their kids’ feelings.

Need for Control

Most common things narcissistic mothers say is, “I’m the boss, and you have to listen!” or “You’re not good at anything.” These words indicate that they want to keep telling their kids what to do. Wanting control is something many self-centered moms do to keep a grip on their kids and play with their feelings.


Things narcissistic mothers say have an objective of seeking attention to make sure everyone pays attention to them. They might make their children always give them attention, approval, and help by saying things like “No one notices all the things I do for this family.” This shows that they care more about what they want than what their children need.

Narcissistic moms use tricky words on purpose to keep control and power. It’s important to know what these words really mean to break free from their hold and feel good about yourself again.

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