12 traits of a narcissist and protect yourself

12 traits of a narcissist

We always wonder what are the 12 traits of a narcissist. Narcissists, in the beginning they seem charming but later on become emotionally tiring. They possess an exaggerated feeling of self-importance that requires continuous admiration from people around and believe themselves deserving special treatment always. 

Their incapacity to empathize results in exploitation of other individuals while also finding it difficult to accept criticism. Their overconfident front is disguising a strong longing for control, along with envy towards the achievements of others. They find it hard to accept responsibility and display emotions that are superficial.

Now let’s take a look at each 12 traits of a narcissist. Did you ever meet someone who appears very self-centered, always needing praise and boasting about what they have done? This could be a clue that you are dealing with a narcissist. The main feature of narcissism is the “Grandiose Self,” which is shown in certain main characteristics that can harm relationships.

Inflated Self-Importance

The first trait of 12 traits of a narcissist is inflated self importance. Narcissists see themselves as better than others in many aspects, like their abilities, gifts and achievements. They might be always talking about what they have achieved or what they can do and hope that people will acknowledge them as superior.

Excessive Need for Admiration

The second trait of 12 traits of a narcissist is excessive need of self importance. A narcissist always desires admiration and approval from other people. They may try to get compliments by dropping comments about their achievements or putting others down in a subtle way so as to look more impressive themselves.

A Sense of Deservedness

A sense of deservedness is the third trait  out of 12 traits of a narcissist. Narcissists often possess a strong feeling that they should receive special treatment and benefits just because of their identity. They might have impractical hopes from others, reacting strongly if these wishes are not fulfilled. This sense of deservingness frequently results in them taking advantage of others for personal gain without considering any effects on those around them.

Difficulty Understanding Emotions

This is also one of the 12 traits of a narcissist. A characteristic of narcissists is their struggle in comprehending the emotional realities faced by other people. They may see emotions as weaknesses or nuisances, making it difficult for them to identify with someone who is sad, mad, happy and so on. This lack of understanding acts as an obstacle when it comes to forming real connections.

Emotional Manipulation

This is the most common trait which is also mentioned in 12 traits of a narcissist. Due to their limited comprehension of emotions, narcissists frequently employ manipulation as a means to attain desired outcomes. They can use different methods like guilt trips, compliments or even intimidation for controlling and taking advantage of others.

Shallow Emotional Connections

Narcissists find it difficult to create deep and meaningful bonds. Their relationships usually stay on the surface, more like transactions where they only care about what they can get from someone else. The absence of strong emotions in these interactions makes both the narcissist and others feel alone and unsatisfied.

Arrogant Behavior

Narcissists frequently show off an attitude of arrogance and superiority. They might have a condescending look, belittle other people’s achievements or use dismissive words. The goal behind this behavior is to demonstrate their power over others and place themselves as superior in every situation possible.

Grandiose Fantasies

When we read 12 traits of a narcissist carefully we find that narcissists often have dreams of being the best in everything, imagining ultimate victory, power, smartness or beauty. They might even talk about these dreams that they’re having – even if it’s totally impossible for them to achieve such things which adds more air into their sense of grandiosity seesawing up and down.

12 Traits Of A Narcissist

Preoccupation with Status Symbols

People who show narcissistic behavior frequently focus on material things and outer signs of triumph. They might try to show off luxurious cars, fancy clothes from famous designers or high-ranking job positions as a way to strengthen the image of being superior and earn praise from other people.

Competitive Nature

12 traits of a narcissist says that narcissists have an intense competitive nature that encompasses even trivial things. They see any triumph of others as a challenge to their inflated self-image. This competitiveness can result in harmful rivalry and difficulties with maintaining relationships.

Lack of Accountability

People with narcissistic tendencies find it very hard to admit they are wrong or accept responsibility for what they do. Often, they put the blame on someone else, twist situations so no fault is pointed at them, or flat out deny any wrongdoing.

Shallow Emotions

Narcissists can show various feelings, but their feelings usually lack depth and are not long-lasting. They have difficulty feeling profound empathy, sympathy, or authentic love. This lack of depth in feelings makes it difficult for them to make strong relationships. The connections they have are often shallow and transactional, concentrating on what each person can get from the other one.

Knowing the 12 traits of a narcissist is important. Narcissistic behavior has the potential to cause significant harm. If you suspect abuse, look for indications such as emotional control, gaslighting, and being isolated from friends and family. You can get help from mental health professionals and those who have been through similar situations.

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